1. Searchlight

  2. Spider Baby (Retroid Remix)
    Mariion Christiian

  3. Original Sin (Retroid Remix)

  4. Acid Lick (Retroid Remix)
    Hexadecimal Feat. Percydread

  5. Reminiscentia (Retroid Remix)
    The Morphism

  6. Plaything (Retroid Remix)

  7. Collapse
    Kelle Feat. Ola Koplowitz

  8. Emotia (Retroid Remix)
    Emotional Horizon And X-Plorations

  9. Daybreak

  10. Desire (Retroid Remix)
    Platunoff feat. Hidden Tigress

  11. Hypnotic Affair (Retroid Remix)
    Rick Tedesco & Discosynthetque

  12. Bogota (Retroid Remix)
    You Are My Salvation

  13. Inner Static (Retroid Remix)
    Jairus Miller & Lee Pennington

  14. Dark Leadership (Retroid Remix)
    Necro & Alter Form

  15. Broken Mirrors (Retroid Remix)
    Tshabee feat Monika Emat

  16. Drowning (Retroid's No Tomorrow Mix)
    Ways And Means

  17. Before We Die (Retroid Remix)
    Too Dusty

  18. Flux (Retroid Remix)

  19. Coastlines (Original Mix)

  20. Breath Me Slowly (Original Mix)

  21. Space (Walk Seven Chronicles Remix)
    Pacco and Rudy B

  22. Jet Stream (Retroid Deep Mix)
    Oliver Morgenroth

  23. Scuba (Retroid's Submarine Mix)

  24. Tetris (Retroid Remix)
    Mesmer vs Beta

  25. Machina Mori (Retroid Remix)
    Line Of Sight & Duane Barry

  26. Liquid Surface (Retroid Remix)
    Dynamic Illusion

  27. Like Dis! (Retroid Remix)

  28. Nightshade (Retroid Remix)
    Chris Nemmo

  29. Fine Blue (Retroid's Purple Funk Mix)

  30. Power Struggle (Retroid Remix)

  31. Solar (Retroid Dub Mix)

  32. The Modell (Retroid Good Looking Mix)
    Santa Fe

  33. Black Tulip (Retroid pres. Seven Chronicles Remix)
    Poppy Seeds

  34. Lemniscate (Original Mix)
    Retroid Pres. Seven Chronicles

  35. New Parallels (Original Mix)
    Oleg Zubkov

  36. Hemisphere (Retroid Magic Sphere Mix)
    Noel Sanger

  37. Hemisphere (Retroid Broken Spell Mix)
    Noel Sanger

  38. Invisible Children (Retroid & Duane Barry Remix)
    Michael & Levan Feat Stiven Rivic

  39. Connection (Retroid Dub Mix)
    Michael & Levan Feat. Steven Rivic

  40. YGNA (Retroid Remix)

  41. Beyond Hope (Original Mix)
    Human8 & Retroid

  42. Balancing Act (Retroid Remix)

  43. Turn The Lights Down Low (Retroid Remix)
    Derek Howell

  44. What Lies Between (Retroid Remix)
    Dave Horn

  45. Tundra White (Retroid Dub Mix)
    Cid Inc

  46. Bergamot (Retroid Remix)

  47. So Many Hopes (Retroid Remix)
    Abdomen Burst

  48. Antilightbulb (Retroid Remix)

  49. No Remorse (Original Mix)
    Digital Breaks Foundation & Retroid

  50. Gun Runner (Original Mix)

  51. Skylarking (Original Mix)

  52. Double Take (Original Mix)

  53. Last Seraphim (Original Mix)

  54. Block Party (Original Mix)
    MDK & Retroid

  55. Odds (Original Mix)
    Krum & Retroid

  56. D.P.S. (Original Mix)
    Mongewz & Retroid

  57. D.P.S. (Retroid Remix)
    Mongewz & Retroid

  58. Everyday Hero (Original Mix)

  59. Origin (Original Mix)

  60. Snowdrop (Original 2015 Mix)

  61. Innerscape (Original Mix)

  62. Ultraviolet (Original 2005 Mix)
    Bios & Retroid

  63. Good Morning Arctica (Original Mix)
    Aeron Aether & Retroid

  64. Vertical Horizon (Retroid Dazzle Prospect Mix)
    Fretwell & Retroid

  65. Outset (Original Mix)
    Nieghel & Retroid

  66. Blue Dive (Original Mix)

  67. Indirections (Original Mix)
    Retroid feat. Pinar Aybar

  68. Neiram (Original Mix)

  69. Funk Crush (Retroid Remix)

  70. The Chemical Brothers - Go (Retroid Remix)
    [Free Download]

  71. The Killers - Somebody Told Me (Retroid Remix)
    [Free Download]

  72. BT - Antikythera Mechanism (Retroid Remix)
    [Free Download]

  73. White Lightning (Retroid Rumble Rod Mix)
    Elite Force

  74. For Lovers, Not Fighters (Retroid Remix)
    Evil Nine

  75. Will Be Free (Retroid Remix)

  76. Lost In The Moment (Retroid Remix)
    Deepsky & Marc Mitchelli

  77. Retroid - Code Rising (Original Mix)
    [Free Download]

  78. Hideous (Retroid Remix)
    Black Sun Empire & Noisia

  79. Cut Me Down (Retroid Remix)

  80. One And The Same (Retroid Remix)
    Project Paradise

  81. She Is My Destiny (Retroid Remix)
    Snake Sedrick & Andro

  82. Alone In The Space (Michael & Levan and Retroid Remix)
    Dynamic Illusion

  83. Summer Channel - A Thousand Miles (Retroid Remix)
    [Free Download]

  84. Retroid - Southern Seas (Original Mix)
    [Free Download]


Retroid Hungary

Independent music producer, dj and music lover from Hungary.

This is my own bandcamp store, with all purchases you will support me directly. Any buy/support highly appreciated!

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